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Dr. Jason Carthen: Podcast_Episode-24_2015
There are so many publishing options available today, Self publishing, traditional publishing, e-publishing and the list goes on and on. How do we make sense of it all and still have our voice heard after the publishing process? On today’s show we have a very special guest, Dr. Mark Wilson, calling in live from Istanbul,
Dr. Jason Carthen: Using the Right Tools to Perform Tasks Perfectly
By Dr. Jason Carthen It’s that time of the year again! The NFL Playoffs are upon us and the best teams are rising to the occasion to compete on the national stage to see who will advance to play in the Super Bowl. Take Challenge to Achieve Victory During my time in the National Football
Dr. Jason Carthen: Lead in a Global Marketplace
Today many organizations are moving into the global arena of business. Some are faring well, while others are struggling to make the leap. Leading in a global business environment can be difficult and requires special care. On today’s show we have a special guest, Mr. Scott Garchar who will be sharing his perspectives on Global
Dr. Jason Carthen: Faith in the Workplace and the Public School System
Faith is surely a hot button topic as it relates to the conversation around performance and education. There are many proponents who point to the need for bringing prayer back into the public school systems and rebuilding a faith-based foundation for a new generation of students. On today’s show Mr. Marvin Smith will be joining us to