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Will Inspire You (& Your Whole Team)
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Dr. Jason Carthen presented to business leaders and consultants at our 1st Annual Ultimate Culture Conference in Chicago. Drawing from his personal experiences in the NFL, Jason delivered a passionate and inspiring message that drove our audience to laugh, cry, gasp, clap, stand, cheer and, most importantly, take action. I've received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the attendees on Dr. Carthen's presentation. As an added bonus, Jason is a positive, fun person who makes working together an absolute joy!

Cathleen Cooke - Director of Marketing, Human Synergistics International, Inc.

I have to say that Jason was not only inspiring during this workshop, but he set an example of service to others that a lot of us will leave here today thinking about and wondering how we can also serve others in the community.

Judge Tim Grendel - State Senator/ Judge Court of Common Pleas

Dr. Carthen did an excellent job speaking to our teams! His keynote was relevant and we all left motivated and ready to go to the next level in our departments. We will definitely book him again!

Scott Garchar - Manager of International Business Development for FedEx® Custom Critical

What an awesome presentation. This gentleman called Jason is just fabulous! The messaging that he shared with us about being a difference maker was truly meaningful to me and resonated with the audience. Thank you so much for coming to the campus today.

Richard Frenchie - President University Hospitals Geauga

Dr. Jason was the keynote speaker for our annual meeting and shared with us key points on setting goals and achieving them. City officials, state officials and all who were in attendance all agree, we now know that we can set goals and how to achieve them. Thank you Dr. Jason!

Sally Bell - Director of US Department on Aging

This is the second time I had the honor of attending one of Dr. Carthen’s trainings and each time that I hear him I come away extremely inspired and motivated. I truly enjoy his talks and speaking. Thank you!

Tracy Jemison - County Commissioner

Jason’s presentation was phenomenal; it was clear, compelling and precise. I think any organization can benefit from Jason’s expertise. He has a warm and pleasant delivery that captures people’s attention and imagination. I strongly encourage other organization’s to take a look at what Jason can bring to your organization!

Perry Clark - University Hospitals Director of Development

Jason did a wonderful job presenting to three different audiences! The feedback we received about his story of inspiration and living your life on purpose was amazing. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of so many!

June Wedd - Vice President of Wellness: American Dairy Association

Simply Outstanding...You are definitely a voice for these times. Your ability to use humor and blend it with key business concepts is amazing.

Dr. David Mohan - Dean Kent State University

Dr. Jason was a GREAT guest! It's always great to get a message of positivity and intentionality…and Jason Carthen gives it with energy and knowledge! The viewers of Delivering Marketing Joy loved it!

Kirby Hasseman - CEO, Hasseman Marketing & Communications

Beyond being a very talented and smart young man, Dr. Carthen has a humble, kind and calm persona that made it really easy to build a quick rapport.

He extended a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. He was transparent about his own life examples and it was all around terrific content.
Lastly, but best of all, rarely does a week go by, that I don't get a text or a tweet from a listener who let me know how much they enjoyed this episode. Even other guests have expressed the need to up their game, after having heard Dr. Carthen's episode.

He's a terrific guest and now, someone I'm happy to call a friend. I highly recommend connecting and working with him.

Stephen Hart - Founder, Trailblazer's Podcast

Dr Jason was to no surprise a gracious and powerful speaker, but what hits me with every conversation I have with him is his authentic voice. One which is honest, supportive and assists others to make positive changes by raising awareness, removing shame and empowering people to engage with one another. Jason truly walks his talk as the "The Leadership Linebacker™" encouraging all to live their best life.

Laurie LaBey - Founder and CEO, Alzheimer's Speaks

Dr. Jason Carthen tackles leadership with authority! He brings timeless leadership principles down to the ground for immediate impact and results. When Dr. Carthen speaks he shares a full inventory of tools and methods that are guaranteed to help business leaders learn and grow the right way.

Jeff Dudan - CEO, AdvantaClean & Undercover Boss

Jason Carthen came on my show, Success Hackers, and shared some amazing success strategies
and success hacks with our "hacker nation community" of high powered Entrepreneurs..
What made Jason's interview stand out was his deep passion for helping leaders get to the next level in both business and life...

Jason not only talks the talk, but most importantly, he walks the walk. He knows his stuff, and is
willing to go the extra mile to be a servant leader....

Scott Hansen - CEO, Hansen Consulting

Jason is an absolute delight! His knowledge and commitment on the subject of leadership runs deep. He is a dynamic speaker and his friendly, down-to-earth personality shines through and engages. His story is compelling and his ability to motivate is outstanding. Any organization that is interested in advancing their managers to become better leaders needs to hear Jason. Any person who needs help to be a better leader needs to hear Jason. If you don't know him, you are missing something special.

Cyndy Trivella - Events Manager, Talent Culture

This was the second year Dr. Jason, has been able to work with our employees who range from entry level to senior management and we can't say enough great things about him! His message is applicable to everyday life, but also captivating, inspiring and enlightening. Through his use of humor and personal anecdotes, he is able to capture and hold everyone's attention from start to finish. I look forward to working with Dr. Carthen on future endeavors.

Amy Hall - President, Ebony Construction Company

Thank you for bringing your incredible energy and motivational message to our national sales meeting. The team enjoyed your presentation and found it highly valuable. Here are a few of the comments from the session attendees:


"Excellent speaker and presenter. Did a great job of reiterating the important points he wanted to make. Strong and powerful message of empowerment!" Thank you for kicking off our national sales meeting!

Caryn Harknet - Marketing Director, Shamrock Companies

Experience the Jason Carthen connection! Dr. Jason has the unique ability to reference his real life experiences as a professional athlete to everyday challenges of the corporate world and its daily operations. The tools and resources he provides can be applied to any situation of management while equipping you with written details to refer back to as needed. Whatever is needed from employee coaching & development to motivational speaking he is the right choice!

Mari Wills - R.N, Director of Operations, Almost Family Inc.

From the moment I met him on campus, Jason Carthen, brought a sense of love, energy and enthusiasm that was both contagious with me and the students on campus as well as welcoming."

"Carthen made me want to "Be the One" for my students and colleagues. He truly reached my soul during his time on campus and his teachings on being a servant leader and emotional intelligence were perfect for all of us on campus to embrace!

Tina Jurcisin - Administrative Coordinator, Office for Professional Development, Notre Dame

His engaging stage presence, masterful command of his material, and unassailable experience in leading high-performing organizations and groundbreaking endeavors, Dr. Carthen was a welcomed and reassuring presence at our conclave. He surpassed even our already high expectations!

Michael Conti - Chief Executive Officer: PA Cyber Corporation

From the moment Dr. Jason speaks, the audience is drawn to his presentation, as his honesty is captivating. As he guides the audience through his story, all eyes are on him, they are enthralled by his life story and his thoughts on being the best person you can be!

Mary Margaret Levelle

We were blessed to have access to and hear Dr. Jason's wisdom on leadership and personal growth. He does not just speak on the subject of leadership; I believe he backs it up by being both a leader and influencer to everyone that God puts in his path.

Jeff Aten - Marketing Director, Chick-Fil-a Corporation

Dr. Carthen's keynote and discussion on the four key concepts needed for success in life were clear and powerful. Quite frankly he was a valuable addition to the culture building process we began in our inaugural year! I would gladly recommend Dr. Carthen to visit any school or youth organization to encourage and motivate young people in your area.

Chris O'Brien - Head of School: Entrepreneurship Prepatory School

We recently had the pleasure of having Dr. Jason Carthen come and speak to our men at one of our events and he was absolutely outstanding!

He was able to be transparent, vulnerable and highly engaging using humor. Dr. Carthen was able to take the men from a water ski impact to deep sea scuba diving effectiveness in how he used God’s words and research to help men really get high definition clarity on what it means to live a life of purpose.

I highly recommend Dr. Jason Carthen for any event for men and leadership

Dr. Johnny C. Parker - Director, Men Following Christ (MFC) First Baptist Church of Glenarden

From the onset of his talk, it was clear Dr. Carthen has a genuine passion for his topics and as well, a deep commitment to the success of youth. Students were especially impressed with Dr. Carthen's ability to be candid while at the same time use appropriate humor to get across his thoughts and ideas. Following his talk a long line of students patiently waited to engage him in conversation and ask follow-up questions, to the point we had to adjust just to accommodate such a large group! Dr. Carthen is a genuine and exceptionally gifted speaker whom I believe can connect to any type of audience.

Marc West - Director Student Life Baldwin Wallace University

I was absolutely blown away by Dr. Jason's keynote message and how he interacted with the audience!

Charles Beem - President, Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)

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”I want to start my own Business.”
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“I want Dr. Jason to give an inspiring speech at my event.”
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